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Work at Paperlike

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Open Positions (all remote)

There are currently no open positions at Paperlike. If you feel you're reading this in error (as in you've just seen an opportunity announced by us, please refresh your browser and clear your cache.

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Mission & Philosophy

Paperlike's Mission

Paperlike is the iPad accessory brand for creators and doers. We make technology truly enjoyable.

Paperlike Philosophy and Core Values

Jan, founder and CEO, started Paperlike on the side to fulfill his own need: going fully paperless.

When the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil came out, the combination seemed promising, but the experience of writing on glass was not good enough. So Jan invented a screen protector that simulated the feel of paper as much as possible, went to Kickstarter, and quickly found he was not the only one with that desire. Paperlike was born out of necessity and with minimal resources.

That is still the basis of our core philosophies and the way we work.

Working at Paperlike

  • Less is more
    • Great work can be achieved in less than 40h. Most people at Paperlike work 30h/ week on average.
    • We only work with the best talent. That means we need fewer people and can pay better.
  • Flexibility
    • You work independently and manage your own time. Got a dentist's appointment at 10? Not a problem. Your son got sick and you have to pick him up from Kindergarten? Take the day off and focus on tea and cuddling.
    • You know when to put in extra effort and when you can let it go a bit.
  • We look out for each other
    • Your family is more important than any business, even Paperlike.
    • No business should replace friends or family. Still, if you have troubles, whatever, and we can help, we will.
  • Friendly Team
    • the Paperlike team is spread all around the globe. From Hamburg, Germany to Turkey to the US.
    • That makes us diverse and brings in lots of different perspectives.
    • We do like each other and try to keep it that way :)

Our Core Values

🐣 Small Giant

Paperlike is a small giant. We strive to be the best in our niche but are comfortable not reaching for the stars. We look for healthy growth with as few people as possible. We're thrifty, not cheap. We leverage technology to achieve our goals wherever possible.

πŸ‘‘ Ownership

We take ownership of the role we have and think like an entrepreneur. That means taking responsibility, self-organizing, and operating with a "get shit done" attitude. We are brave and take risks.

We own issues and handle them.

πŸ‘©β€βš–οΈ Honorable & Human

We are honest and vulnerable and are proud of a safe work environment where everyone can be themselves. We care about mental health. We run a strict no-asshole policy. We're honorable. Our word and handshake count, and we put our action where our mouth is.

We treat customers and partners as people, not numbers.

πŸ’Ž Growth Mindset

We strive to be content, but we’re never satisfied.

We want to be the best in class. Continuous learning, and being on top of trends is ingrained in our DNA. Bringing learnings into action is key. We use our creativity to solve complex situations and don't rely on standards.