Operations Manager

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You may also call this position:

  • Sales operations manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager

About this position:

Paperlike GmbH is a very focused D2C company with 1 product in 7 SKUs. We already sell worldwide and are currently focusing on improving distribution of our existing D2C sales (faster tracked shipping, etc.) and kicking off a successful wholesale channel with brick & mortar retail in APAC, EMEA, USA and LATAM.

We're looking for a top-tier Operations Manager and are able to pay accordingly.

The Operations Manager position is an essential role at the core of the Paperlike team. Until now, most of the operations responsibilities have been managed by Jan Sapper - Paperlike's CEO. When you take over this role, you'll become the person next to Jan, making sure that Paperlike runs as efficiently. A core belief of Paperlike is to automate as much as possible and only let people do things that we tried to automate or, at least, considered automating first. The operations manager will be the person making sure we're sticking to this principle and improving it.

Additionally, the operations manager will proactively look into things that can be improved, such as potential gains by switching shipping carriers or locking out some countries from specific shipping options.

Paperlike work environment:

We're super flexible

At Paperlike, we know there are more important things than work in each of our lives. That's why Paperlike is a remote-first, global, and highly flexible work environment. Everybody on the team has the time and flexibility to choose how, when, and where they work, so that they can take care of urgent matters and pursue other passions. It's our belief that working this way makes our team happier and more productive in the long-term.

🥳 We're community builders

Over the years, we've worked diligently to foster an engaged community around our brand and to collaborate with that community in meaningful ways. We invest a lot of time and effort into community-building activities such as promoting artists, creating useful content, doing huge giveaways, and sponsoring Youtube creators. By joining our team, you'll become a part of that community, if you're not already. Our community is largely comprised of tech-savvy creators and doers such as digital artists and designers, students and digital notetakers, and iPad enthusiasts.

📈 We're experiencing massive growth

Paperlike has always experienced consistent growth, but 2020 has been Paperlike's biggest year by far, even considering the global pandemic. Along with this growth have come many new challenges in all parts of the company, as well as exciting opportunities. You'll be joining us at a pivotal moment that will not only see Paperlike to new heights, but will put your talents to the test and amplify your personal and professional growth.

How you'll work at Paperlike:

  • You will work from home or any coworking space of your choice
  • You will coordinate your working environment and working times by yourself
  • You'll live anywhere in the world with decent internet (20 Mbps download / 2 Mbps Upload)
  • You will be available daily for at least 2 hours during our core working hours of 9am and 4PM CET (Central European Time)
  • You'll have ample flexibility to take care of non-work needs such as family, hobbies, and other passions.
  • You'll communicate with our team primarily via chat, though semi-regular video calls should be expected.
  • Most positions at Paperlike are freelance positions to ease the process of hiring internationally, however we have no problem hiring if it makes sense.

What you'll do:

  • You will have a complete overview of the company processes
    • Supply Chain
    • Customer Service (Direct to consumer sales)
    • Account Management (Wholesale Sales)
  • Maintain and improve existing processes
  • Find potential improvements in our processes that increase profitability and customer satisfaction (Inventory level optimization)
  • Optimize shipping for all customers in the world. Find a balance between shipping time, costs, and at-all deliverability.
  • Make sure that our internal processes are aligned with our wholesale customers' needs
  • Work in tandem with our Customer Support Team Manager to improve systems for better servicing our customers
  • Negotiate better deals with our partners and make sure we're all getting the best out of our business relationships

Things you bring:

  • You have at least 3 years of experience in a role closely related to operations (Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, etc.).
  • You may call yourself a pragmatic analytical visionary who thrives on building for growth one step at a time.
  • You have strong analytical, organizational, decision-making skills.
  • You are an independent worker and enjoy defining what you will work on next.
  • Ideally, you have worked for a direct to consumer brand that has its own website additionally to wholesale relationships with distributors.
  • Have worked in an international setting with team members in multiple languages and cultures
    • Excellent communication skills in verbal and written English are a must-have.
  • You've had fun in your prior roles and have shown initiative.
  • No higher-level education is needed. If you don't have any, then your past actions and references can prove your capabilities.
  • You avidly expand your knowledge, for example, by listening to relevant podcasts, reading books, and taking courses.
  • You are fun to work with - we have a strict no-asshole-policy.
  • Nice-To-Haves:
    • Experienced with Shopify and Amazon
    • 3PL vendor management
    • Customer service experience

More about Paperlike:

Why work at Paperlike?
  1. Leave your mark on the company: the team at Paperlike is small, which means each of us plays a critical role that affects the company's direction. As the first operations manager at Paperlike, you will set the pace for future generations to come.
  2. Join an incredible team: besides the fact that our team is highly talented, we also genuinely care about one another's well-being. We're hard-working but relaxed; results-oriented, yet curious explorers at the same time.
  3. Work remotely with a flexible schedule: we're a 100% remote company, with employees and contractors all over the globe. You'll have the freedom to travel, work, and explore your passions whenever and wherever you like.
  4. Expand your talents: roles at Paperlike aren't set in stone. You'll have the freedom to learn new skills and tools, plus collaborate on projects that go beyond your typical operations gig.
  5. We're profitable and investment-free: Paperlike is profitable since the beginning (2017), and we've never taken any equity investment. All our ventures are funded through product sales, and we have a high affinity towards crowdfunding. That means no external pressure to reach unrealistic numbers. No need to aim for the exit asap. We focus on the products we're good at and that we enjoy.
Our mission and vision

At Paperlike, we believe less is more. We imagine a world where we can enjoy the benefits of digital tools without sacrificing the tactile feel of traditional tools like pen and paper. We aim to create products that allow creators and doers the ability to work from anywhere in a comfortable and natural way.

The product

The name of the brand is the product. Paperlike is the iPad screen protector for creatives, students, and in general people who use their iPad professionally. Paperlike enhances the display surface to feel more like paper, especially when using the Apple Pencil. That gives the user more precision, better stroke resistance, and increased endurance when taking notes or drawing. We developed a special surface technology, which we call Nanodots, that combines the perfect paper-feel with minimal light-refractions, so the display remains as clear as possible.

The Paperlike is sold worldwide, mainly through our Shopify site, as well as on a growing amount of Amazon marketplaces and retailers.

A bit of history

Jan founded Paperlike 2017 as a side-business to solve his own need of a better iPad and Apple Pencil experience. Since he loves crowdfunding, he started one for the Paperlike and was blown away by the response. He soon left his job (actually he was fired, which is a funny story for another time) and made Paperlike a full-time endeavor. Jan grew the business quickly with minimal outside help, using laser focus and tons of automations.

Now in 2020, we're a team of about twelve people but, at the core, we still operate the same. We relentlessly focus on the things that matter and automate whatever we can to free our time and minds. However, now is the time to improve some of the things we've neglected. Our DIY approach to growth marketing, for example. 😄

Our team is 100% remote and is spread all over the world. From New York to Bulgaria and from Germany to the Dominican Republic.


What does the hiring process look like?

After submitting your application, qualified candidates will be invited to an initial interview. If we decide to move forward with you, you'll be given a paid test project followed by a final interview.

Why is this a freelance position?

Simply put, we're a German company and it's much easier to work across borders with the best candidates using the freelance structure. Actually, over half of our team works on a freelance basis. We're still one team and it doesn't feel like internal vs. external. If you NEED an employee contract, please let us know we'll find a way.

Can I apply with my agency?

You can. We'd rather see a dedicated person, but if you run a no-bs agency that gets stuff done, please apply! Just note in the application that you're "applying" with an agency.

Any other questions? Please write sebastian@paperlike.com.

How to apply:

  • Write an email to admin@paperlike.com with the subject line "Operations Manager Application"
  • Include your CV in PDF Format
  • Very nice to have:
    • In the email, include a short video of yourself (for example, Loom video) explaining why you think you're a good fit for this role - take advantage of video to show your strengths and experience. Please keep the video to under a few minutes in length.

The application process

We're looking to fill this position as soon as possible, but are willing to wait for the best candidate. Applications close by October 15th, we then take one week to assess all applications and invite the best 5 candidates for a video interview.

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