Ecommerce Manager


Five years ago, Jan Sapper, Paperlike's founder, developed a screen protector for the iPad that became an instant hit with digital artists and notetakers. Since then, we've been working hard to improve the Paperlike with our core team. We've built out our operations to reliably ship worldwide, and we now sell Paperlike products via marketplaces, retail, and of course our Shopify online store.

This online-store is where it all started and it’s still the core of our business. We love the close contact to our customers and being able to fire up new ideas quickly. Up until now, the shop has been managed by our CMO and co-founder, Sebastian. Now we feel the time is right to hand over the responsibility over to someone who puts in even more love and dedication. Maybe you?

Why Paperlike?

  1. Leave your mark on the company: we're a small team at Paperlike, which means each of us plays a critical role that affects the company's direction. As the Ecommerce Manager, you're ultimately responsible for all things on our shop/ website.
  2. Join an incredible team: besides the fact that our team is highly talented, we also genuinely care about one another's well-being. We're hard-working but relaxed (content, never satisfied!), results-oriented, yet curious explorers at the same time.
  3. Work remotely with a flexible schedule: we're a 100% remote company with employees and contractors all over the globe. You'll have the freedom to travel, work, and explore your passions whenever and wherever you like.
  4. We're profitable and investment-free: Paperlike is profitable since the beginning (2017), and we've never taken any equity investment. All our ventures are funded through product sales, and we have a high affinity for crowdfunding. That means no external pressure to reach unrealistic numbers. No need to endlessly grow. We focus on the products we're good at and that we enjoy.

About this Role

Paperlike's growth as a brand depends a lot on the performance of our online shop. For a long time, our shop was pretty simple. One product, one language, not a lot of maintenance, but also not a lot of opportunities. That has changed. We just introduced two new products (a cleaning kit and Pencil grips), with more to come, and partnered up with befriended brands to sell their products through our shop as well. That means we now have much more potential to provide our customers with a top notch experience.

We're looking for someone with been-there, done-that experience and a strong tech + marketing mindset.

What will you do as Ecommerce Manager?

Your job is to take the accountability of the Shopify store and direct to consumer sales. We want you to keep it a strong pillar of our revenue and consistently improve and find new opportunities.

Shopify Maintenance

You make sure the shop is running smoothly and monitor it's performance. You're on top of new developments in the space and eager to try new features.

Theme Development

You'll work with our Designer/ Webdev and external developers to continuously improve our theme. It helps if you know enough html/css to lay hands on the code yourself if necessary.

Own Shopify apps

We rely on several apps to smoothly run our business and improve customer experience. You will be responsible for those apps. Are we using the best solution? Is the cross-sell app slowing down our store by 3s? You'll notice and fixe the issue.

Conversion-rate Optimization

You work together with our growth marketer, Monica, and our designer, Markus, to continuously improve the customer experience and conversion rate. You know your way around Google Optimize or similar software and are able to come up with, and execute smaller tests on the site. Should the product description talk about the 100d money back guarantee or is that better mentioned below the buy button?

Example Projects you will take over

  • We started working on a new theme based on shop2.0. You'll take over that project and work together with design, copy and development to bring it to live in time.
  • You build and improve cross/ upsell funnels.
  • We might go for Shopify Markets. If we do, you run the integration.


Your main KPIs will be Average Order Value (AOV) and the Conversion Rate from Product Pages.

NOT included

Quite often the ecommerce Manager is also responsible for developing/ sourcing new products. At Paperlike Jan and Lukas run all product efforts. Of course you'll work with them, getting the products into the store.

Sound interesting? Find out if this role is for you.

This role is for you if:

  • You thrive in an environment that gives you a lot of freedom to develop and achieve your goals. We work with little oversight and lots of ownership.
  • You get shit done. You know when to take a step back and fine-tune the direction you're going and when to move.
  • You are experienced in running an ecommerce store (ideally Shopify).
  • You would love to be on board transforming the Paperlike brand to a major player in the accessory market.
  • You 100% identify with our core values (see below)

Who will you work with (mostly)?

You will be very independent in your work, but these are the people you probably work with the most:

  • Sebastian, Head of Marketing: Sebastian currently is accountable for the shop. He will be your direct manager and be responsible for onboarding.
  • Lukas, Product: Work with Lukas to launch new products.
  • Markus, Design/ Webdevelopment: Markus is responsible to make our site look great and will do most frontend developments himself.

Money, Time & Position Type

  • This role can be filled anywhere in the world, we'd just need you to be available for occasional video calls with the team somewhen between 9:00 and 17:00 CET.
  • This is a full-time position (30h+ /week)
  • Pay is highly competitive and commensurate with experience.
  • Either freelance or employed (see more in the FAQ) - we like freelance setups in international settings but can look into employment if needed.


Company Mission

At Paperlike, we believe less is more. We imagine a world where we can enjoy the benefits of digital tools without sacrificing the tactile feel of traditional tools like pen and paper.

We enable creators and doers to do their best work with prosumer tech accessories.

The Product

The name of the brand is the hero product. Paperlike is the iPad screen protector for creatives, students, teachers, and productivity geeks. Paperlike enhances the display surface to feel more like paper, especially when using the Apple Pencil. That gives the user more precision, better stroke resistance, and increased endurance when taking notes or drawing. We developed a special surface technology, which we call Nanodots, that combines the perfect paper-feel with minimal light refractions, so the display remains as clear as possible. Recently we developed several additional products that improve working with the Apple Pencil and the Paperlike, like Pencil Grips or a Cleaning Kit.

The Paperlike is sold worldwide, through our Shopify site, Amazon marketplaces, and retail.

The Company

Jan Sapper founded Paperlike 2017 as a side business to solve his own need for a better iPad and Apple Pencil experience. Since he loves crowdfunding, he started one for the Paperlike and was blown away by the response. He soon left his job (actually he was fired, which is a funny story for another time) and made Paperlike a full-time endeavor. Jan grew the business quickly with minimal outside help, using laser focus and tons of automation.

Now in 2022, we're a team of about 20 people but, at the core, we still operate the same. We relentlessly focus on the things that matter and automate whatever we can to free our time and minds.

Our team is 100% remote and is spread all over the world. From New York to Bulgaria and from Germany to China.

Our Core Values

🐣 Small Giant

Paperlike is a small giant. We strive to be the best in our niche but are comfortable not to reach for the stars. We look for healthy growth with as few people as possible. We're not cheap but thrifty. We leverage technology to achieve our goals wherever possible.

πŸ‘‘ Ownership

We take ownership of the role we have and think like an entrepreneur. That means taking responsibility, self-organization, and "getting shit done" attitude. We are brave and take risks.

πŸ‘©β€βš–οΈ Honorable & Human

We are honest and vulnerable and are proud of a safe work environment where everyone can be themselves. We care about mental health. We run a strict no asshole policy. We're honourable and our word and handshake counts and put our action where our mouth is.

πŸ’Ž Growth Mindset

We are content not satisfied.

We want to be the best in class. Continuous learning and being on top of trends is ingrained in our DNA. We use our creativity to solve complex situations and don't rely on standards.


What does the hiring process look like?

After submitting your application, qualified candidates will be invited to an initial interview. If we decide to move forward with you, we follow up with a final interview with Jan, Sebastian, and Felix.

Why is this a freelance position?

Simply put: we're a German company, and it's much easier to work across borders with the best candidates using the freelance structure. Actually, the majority of our team works on a freelance basis. We're still one team and it doesn't feel like internal vs. external. If you NEED an employee contract, please let us know we'll try to find a way.

Any other questions? Write sebastian@paperlike.com. Please use the form below to apply.


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