Coming soon: Creative Strategist (Ecommerce)


We’re seeking an experienced Ecommerce Creative Strategist to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing and executing creative strategies around ads, landing pages, and advertising collateral that drive sales and brand awareness across all channels. Experience in demand generation and direct response marketing techniques is necessary for this role.

We’re not 100% clear on what the job entails and how we want to fill it. But if this sounds somewhat interesting, and the job title resonates with you, please leave your email in the form below, and we’ll send you the official job description and application form as soon as it’s ready.

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About Paperlike

Why Paperlike?

  1. Leave your mark on the company. With only 24 people, you’ll have a huge impact on Paperlike’s future. D2C is still the heart of our company and almost all efforts start in our Shopify store.
  2. Join an incredible team. You’ll get to work closely with highly skilled individuals, many of whom are experts in their field of focus. We’ll provide what you need to put your skills into action and then get out of your way. Great talent and strict focus allow us to work in a calm environment.
  3. Work remotely with a flexible schedule. Paperlike is a 100% remote company with employees and contractors all over the globe. You'll have the freedom to travel, work, and explore your passions whenever and wherever you like.
  4. We're profitable and investment-free. Paperlike has been profitable since the beginning (2017), and we've never taken any equity investment. All our ventures are funded through product sales. That means no external pressure to reach unrealistic numbers. No need to endlessly grow. We focus on the products we're good at and that we enjoy.

Company Mission

At Paperlike, we provide top-quality iPad accessories designed specifically for creators and doers. Whether we create them ourselves or source them from trusted partners, you can trust that, when you shop with us, you get the best accessories to help you do your best work.

Our Products

We started Paperlike as a screen protector brand that accidentally (then deliberately) created a new category in iPad accessories.

Today our screen protector, the Paperlike, is still our flagship product and what we’re most known for. In its third iteration, the Paperlike helps creatives, students, teachers, and productivity geeks to achieve a better experience while writing and drawing on their iPads.

The surface technology, called Nanodots, gives the user more precision, better stroke resistance, and increased endurance when writing or drawing while maintaining minimal light refraction to keep the display as clear as possible.

By now, we extended our product line to other accessories that assist prosumers and professional using the iPad for work and play. By the end of the year we want to be the one-stop shop for all professional accessories you would need for your iPad.

The Company

Jan founded Paperlike in 2017 as a side business to solve his own need for a better iPad and Apple Pencil experience. Since he loves crowdfunding, he launched a Kickstarter for the Paperlike and was blown away by the response. He soon left his job and made Paperlike a full-time endeavor.

Jan grew the business quickly with minimal outside help, using a laser focus and tons of automation, before bringing in additional help to continue scaling.

Now in 2023, we're a team of about 24 people. However, at our core, we still operate the same. We relentlessly focus on the things that matter and automate whatever we can to free our time and minds.

Our team is 100% remote and is spread all over the world — from New York to Serbia, from Germany to China.

Our Core Values

🐣 Small Giant

Paperlike is a small giant. We strive to be the best in our niche but are comfortable not reaching for the stars. We look for healthy growth with as few people as possible. We're thrifty, not cheap. We leverage technology to achieve our goals wherever possible.

👑 Ownership

We take ownership of the role we have and think like an entrepreneur. That means taking responsibility, self-organizing, and operating with a "get shit done" attitude. We are brave and take risks.

We own issues and handle them.

👩‍⚖️ Honorable & Human

We are honest and vulnerable and are proud of a safe work environment where everyone can be themselves. We care about mental health. We run a strict no-asshole policy. We're honorable. Our word and handshake count, and we put our action where our mouth is.

We treat customers and partners as people, not numbers.

💎 Growth Mindset

We strive to be content, but we’re never satisfied.

We want to be the best in class. Continuous learning, and being on top of trends is ingrained in our DNA. Bringing learnings into action is key. We use our creativity to solve complex situations and don't rely on standards.